The Hawkesbury Region – The Gateway to Sydney’s Heartland

The Hawkesbury Region lies on the outskirts of New South Wales’ capital, Sydney. Nestled between the Blue Mountains and the Hunter Valley, this spectacular region is full of beautiful National Parks, quaint river communities and diverse gorges and valleys.

When driving from Sydney to the Hawkesbury 안전놀이터. region, the easiest way is to follow the Warringah Expressway, which will take you straight through to Lane Cove, where you will venture on the M2 Motorway until you reach the Blacktown Exit. Driving along Windsor Road will bring you to the historic township of Windsor, which is located on the banks of the Hawkesbury River. This is the perfect place to start your exploration of the region, which is comprised of the Heartland, Highland, Riverland and the Sydney Hills Region.

The Hawkesbury Region was discovered in 1789 and was settled some five years later. It is one of Australia’s oldest settlements, which is evident in the historical Colonial buildings that line the streets of the region’s communities. Old schools, houses, churches and court houses depict the strong historical sense of this region and allow visitors to gain a greater appreciation for the history of Australia.

The range of activities that the region offers is certain to please the whole family. Antique shopping, galleries, arts and crafts are sure to please the more mature at heart, while the kids enjoy horseriding and a vast range of water sports. Whatever you chose to do while visiting will depend on what area of the region you are exploring, so to make it easy, here’s a quick guide to all of the spectacular Hawkesbury regions.

Hawkesbury River Gateway

The River Gateway begins just 25 kilometres north of the centre of Sydney. Home to the great Hawkesbury River the area originally served as a major transport route in colonial times and is now a tranquil getaway for the city locals. Surrounded by dense bushland and an abundance of natural attractions, the area is the perfect setting for a relaxing family holiday.

The river side town of Brooklyn is popular for its fresh seafood and abundance of fishing boats. Close to surrounding islands that are rich in indigenous and colonial history, Brooklyn is the ideal place to soak up the atmosphere of this incredible Riverland.

Hawkesbury River Heartland

The heartland of the Hawkesbury Region is hidden 80 kilometres from Sydney. This virtually untouched environment is set amongst spectacular river and mountain scenery, with the glistening waters of the Hawkesbury River and the looming sandstone cliffs creating a magnificent backdrop to this amazing area.

The “Forgotten Valley” is the perfect driving route within the heartland, providing a unique historical experience to visitors. The ominous landscapes offer an unforgettable driving experience that makes you want to keep coming back.

Hawkesbury Highlands

The highlands are home to a diversity of mountain scenery, winding roads and magnificent views. Driving through this region will take you past sandstone cliffs, deep canyons and an abundance of local fruit orchards. The Wollemi National Park is undeniably the highlight of the heartland with the lovely rolling hills allowing you to gain an understanding of just how vast and beautiful this area is.

The Highlands are also rich in art and culture with an abundance of local galleries, boutiques and stalls. Discover the talents of the locals and you may even find your very own treasure to keep!

Sydney Hills Hawkesbury

This area boasts a mix of nature and cosmopolitan Sydney life. Right on Sydney’s doorstep, a visit to this region can entail exploration of this great city or escaping into the realms of nature. Choose to kayak along the river, trek along the nature trails or simply sit back and relax while soaking up the natural environment.

Whichever region you choose to visit in the Hawkesbury area, you are sure to find something to enjoy. The careful contrasts between country and city life make this region the ideal place to visit for those who like a bit of both. The Heartlands, Riverland and Highlands are far enough away to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, without having to travel a vast distance. This makes the Hawkesbury region the ideal weekend escape for the whole family!

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